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Customized Security Services You Can Trust

Security is no joke. Even a fleeting mistake of letting a bag unchecked can result in a terrible outcome. Whether it’s the valuable goods you want to protect or the whole crowd depends upon the guards — you must get it right or prepare for the unimaginable.

And our services weigh on the same principles; we get it right the first time because when it comes to saving lives, we believe, there’s no second

chance. Our guards are trained with the best combat skills, equipped with all the firearms, licenses, and are pledged to their duties.

Discover our motto: our “four Rsof integrity that are embedded in our

DNA. These define our core values we give to our every client, and these distinguish us from the rest.

Here’s what that defines us:


Our guards are reliable because they always perform their duties the way you expect.


Our guards are especially trained to act early on, being a proactive shield, before the suspected happens.


You get your peace of mind with the best security services at a price you’d be happy to pay.


Our confidence in our security officers is because of the sheer commitment, and hardcore training that makes them zealous and pledged to their jobs.

Therefore, we take full responsibility for what we do.

Cornerstone Protective Services is a licensed protective services company in California. We offer comprehensive protection services throughout the state. We protect and facilitate you.

  • Unarmed Security
  • Armed Security
  • Event Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Plain Cloth Security
  • Mobile Patrol
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Why Choose Us?

Whether you are an individual that require personal protection service of a single personal bodyguard or you need services of a full team dedicated to protecting you; whether you are hosting a large event that needs professional protection service to guard the venue and the people inside it or you need services to manage and check tickets and invitation; whether you require ushering service to guide your guests or escort the participants or the elderly from their vehicle and through the venue; whether you need to safeguard a remote location for a company get together or a wedding party Cornerstone protective services has the best possible solution for you.

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Providing Security, You Need A Zealous Team Having Multiple Years’ Experience in the Field.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to protecting properties and saving lives. We take drastic measures of your unique needs, and then provide thorough security, no matter what it takes.