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At Cornerstone Protective Services, We Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay all signs of threat or danger towards our clients' interests.

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Security is no joke. Even a fleeting mistake of letting a bag unchecked can result in a terrible outcome. Whether it’s the valuable goods you want to protect or the whole crowd depends upon the guards — you must get it right or prepare for the unimaginable.

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Meet our unarmed special security guard trained to secure places from threats, suspicions, or any...


Our armed security guards are trained to carry and use multiple weapons in dire situations to protect...


Event Security — something that is needed for your peace of mind to protect your guests, keep the smooth...


Protect your inventory from thefts and robbery with our especially trained Loss Prevention security guards...


An undercover security guard is often savvier than a guard with a uniform. It tricks threats, and those...


Mobile patrol security secures larger areas in less time. Having a security vehicle speeding around...

Security Management

Every security guard company has a goal of meeting and winning high-level clients. However, high-level clients are usually more demanding as compared to other clients. Such clients have past experience with the security companies, and they always look for the best. For that reason, it is essential to anticipate the questions they are likely to ask in order to impress high-level clients. Here are the 9 questions every security guard agency must answer for high-level clients.

9 Questions Every Security Guard Agency Must Answer

It is one of the main questions that almost every high-level client asks to make sure security guard service is your primary focus. The reason is that many security companies offer other services such as landscaping or alarm installation. High-level clients want to make sure that being a security guard or offering such services is your specialty or only primary business.

If you’re offering even other services, make sure to convince the clients that your security guard services are top-notch and it is your primary focus. Prove to them that you are licensed and insured for offering guard services. Most importantly, let them know about your experience, history of your guard services, notable awards, or certifications.

Remember, high-level clients will not select you unless you provide them the evidence of working with similar businesses before. Different businesses or industries have different security needs. You can show your expertise tailored to the client’s needs by showing you have experience with these businesses. The best way to showcase your experience is to talk about the events your security company has managed successfully in the past. Always be honest when talking about your company’s history.

This question is related to the types of security training your guards must go through. High-level clients look for a specific type of training based on the business they own. Moreover, your clients want to make sure that your training goes beyond security requirements. For that reason, they want to know whether your guards have site-specific security training related to the business they own or not.

Every client, of course, asks about the costs of the services you are offering, and high-level clients are no exception. They will want a breakdown of costs and tiers. You need to explain your security service fee packages. If you offer any discount for hiring a certain number of guards, make sure to tell them. Remember, you need to make sure everything is clear between you and high-level clients. If you are charging high costs for additional expertise or technology, be open with them. Such clients want to know what they are exactly paying for.

When you provide services to high-level clients, your security guard will have to attend many different high-end events. That’s why wearing a uniform is very important. Clients will ask you about the uniform options that you provide because they want to make sure whether you’re suitable for various situations or not. Uniform also refers to the sense of professionalism you can showcase through your services.

Clients often ask this question to confirm your discretion. You need to explain your guarantee of privacy, which matters the most. Remember, privacy always comes in first for high-level clients.

It depends on the number of licensed guards that you have in your company. The question is related to what support can you provide when guards need backup? In case of any emergency situation, clients want to make sure that the security company has a backup for a situation to deal effectively. They also want to know how large a business or event you can manage easily? When answering this question, explain your back scenario.

In the security guard industry, real-time technology is the latest practice to ensure the best possible response rate. Different technologies like security cams, GSM, integrated apps, and bodycams play a vital role in immediate communication. Providing an extra-fast response is only possible with real-time technologies. That’s why high-level clients usually ask security companies about such technologies. 

Clients want to know who they will be in contact with. Such clients prefer asking someone about new plans and sudden changes. You need to show them your relationship management skills. As a result, they will be able to count on your point of contact relationship and have peace of mind.

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